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Rent DVC Points

Finding affordable accommodations for your vacation can be challenging. Many luxury hotels often charge inflated rates, especially those located in high-demand tourism destinations like Florida and Hawaii. However, one low cost option exists in which you don’t have to sacrifice luxury—you can rent DVC points.

  • Find high quality suites, condos, and villas for rent near Disney World’s best attractions
  • Get a club-level experience without the price tag or commitment
  • Work with an expert timeshare rental specialist to find the perfect accommodations
  • Take advantage of low-cost, last-minute deals you can’t find through the resort!

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DVC Point Rental FAQ

What is the difference between renting DVC points and renting a DVC timeshare?

There is no difference! DVC timeshare owners will use their points to reserve accommodations at their home resort, and you will rent that reservation for your trip. So, in essence, you are renting DVC points from the owner in the form of a fixed reservation.

Can I rent DVC points without the reservation?

Since DVC points can only be used by the owner, points cannot be rented out in such a straightforward manner. Contact one of our timeshare rental specialists at phone and they’ll be able to walk you through the process.

Will I have access to all member benefits at the resort?

When you rent DVC points, the benefits of the club member you’re renting from typically don’t extend to you. However, this can vary on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes, free transportation, meals, equipment rentals, and other perks are set aside for specific members, so check with the timeshare owner or the resort’s front desk to see if you can take advantage of any exclusive benefits before you arrive.

Is my timeshare rental guaranteed?

Yes. Disney timeshare rentals can be guaranteed depending on the type of rental. Online booking rentals made through are automatically guaranteed, which rental offers agreed upon with a timeshare owner can be guaranteed through them. If you have any doubts as to if your rental is guaranteed, simply call the resort’s front desk before your trip for verification.