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Sell DVC Points

Life changes when we least expect it to. Timeshare owners are no exception to this rule, and sometimes they might find themselves not using their vacation ownership or club membership as often as they used to. For Disney timeshare owners, there is a solution to this problem—you can sell DVC points to other travelers right here on

  • Fast Results
    Disney Vacation Club timeshares are some of the most sought-after units in the world. Thousands of people look for a great deal on DVC timeshares everyday.
  • No Hidden Fees is upfront and honest about the cost of our services, allowing you to make the best decision possible.
  • Targeted Audience
    Our site only lists vacation ownership packages belonging to the Disney brand. This means that all buyers visiting our site come looking specifically for DVC timeshares, allowing you to sell your unit faster than anywhere else on the web.
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FAQs about Selling Disney Timeshare

Can I find a buyer for my DVC points immediately?

At, we cannot guarantee instant buyers or purchase offers on your DVC points package. However, what we can guarantee is the most active online marketplace that benefits from advanced marketing strategies to attract thousands of interested buyers everyday. With DVC being one of the most popular vacation ownership brands, the odds of you receiving purchase offers quickly are good.

Is it possible to sell Disney timeshare that isn't paid off?

If you financed the purchase of your DVC membership, and still owe money on that purchase, you can still sell your DVC points through the resale market. The amount owed will simply be deducted from the resale price during the closing process.

How much should I ask for my DVC membership

At, we let you set the price for your timeshare resale. Our timeshare resale specialists can help suggest a price based on a fair market value assessment and how aggressive you want to be, but the final decision is up to you!

Is selling DVC timeshare the same as selling DVC points?

Yes. Since Disney timeshares are organized through the DVC points system, you are essentially selling your DVC points.