DVC Points

When you purchase a DVC membership, you are purchasing Disney Vacation Club points, which can be used like currency to reserve accommodations at any Disney resort. The DVC points system is more flexible than traditional timeshare ownership, because you can book during any week of the year, at any resort, in any size unit as long as you have enough points to cover your stay.

How to Book Accommodations with Points

The number of points required to book at any DVC resort depends on several factors including the resort, the season, the size of the unit, and the length of your stay. Larger units and more popular weeks will increase the number of points required to book accommodations. Points are awarded to members annually at the start of each use year through the end of the contract. For DVC owners, the use year does not necessarily line up with the start of a calendar year. Instead, the use year starts in whichever month your points become available for use.

Buying DVC Points on the Resale Market

When you buy directly from Disney, the minimum number of points you need to buy to qualify for membership is 160, while the maximum is 2,000. Smaller groups of points can be purchased on the resale market, however, you will need at least 150 total points to qualify as an active DVC member. However, when you buy a DVC timeshare on the resale market, you are essentially buying someone else’s membership. They will already have an established amount of yearly points, along with a home resort. In other words, if you buy from the resale market, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a minimum amount.

DVC Points FAQ

Can I use my points to book at other resorts?

Yes. While you will always be able to reserve the accommodations outlined in your membership contract, you can also use DVC points to reserve accommodations at other Disney resorts as well. This may require either banking or borrowing your DVC points, but it is possible for most DVC members.

Can I rent out my DVC points?

No. It is not possible to rent DVC points to other people. However, you can use your points to make a reservation at a resort, and rent the stay out to another person. In other words, the only person who can spend your DVC points is you. Head over to our page on renting your DVC timeshare to learn more.

I’m a current DVC member. Can I sell my points?

Yes. Selling DVC points is just like any other timeshare resale—you can sell your DVC points to an interested buyer who is looking for a great deal on vacation accommodations. People selling DVC points on the resale market also have a leg up on owners of other timeshares, as Disney Vacation Club features the most sought-after accommodations in the country. Learn more about selling your Disney timeshare today.