Why Buy a DVC Resale?

Rather than buying directly from DVC…

Purchasing a Disney Vacation Club timeshare resale means that you are buying from the owner rather than Disney directly. There are many benefits to purchasing DVC points on the resale market. Below is some useful information on purchasing resale versus direct as well as details of the restrictions on DVC resales.

About Disney Vacation Club Ownership

Disney Vacation Club ownership is structured in the following way:

  • Membership in the Club is points-based.
  • Points are awarded to owners each year and can be used to make reservations at any of the 12 DVC resorts.
  • Each owner has a “Home Resort” at which they have preferred reservation privileges (ability to book 11 months in advance as compared to 7 months at other resorts).
  • Membership in the Club has an expiration date, at which time your membership expires and points will no longer be awarded for your use.
  • Expiration dates vary by Home Resort; however, all memberships with the same Home Resort have the same expiration date.

See our Disney Vacation Club page for more general information about the program.

Resale vs. Direct

Now that you know about the basics of DVC ownership, it’s important to understand the differences between purchasing DVC points from Disney directly or buying DVC points on the resale market.

Points Packages and Memberships

The minimum number of points you must purchase directly from Disney is 160 points. The maximum points you can purchase directly from Disney is 2,000 points. Points are awarded annually until your contract’s end.

It is possible to purchase fewer than 160 points on the resale market; however, you will need at least 100 points to qualify for membership in the Club. You can purchase any increment of points through the resale market.

Whether you purchase retail or resale, you will be able to book 11 months in advance at your Home Resort, 7 months at any other DVC resort. The process and rules for banking, borrowing, and transferring points are also the same regardless of the origin of your points

Resort Availability

All properties are available on the resale market.

You can purchase DVC contracts with any Home Resort on the resale market right now. In fact, this is one of the most significant advantages of purchasing on the resale market. In many cases, only the newest resorts are available for purchase directly from Disney. Many of the other Home Resorts are sold out (meaning DVC has no more contracts available for sale through retail means). These sold-out resorts are often available on the resale market.


Cost is often the most important factor for many families when they are deciding whether to purchase retail or resale. Generally, price per point savings can be found on the resale market for DVC timeshares at all the Home Resorts. You will also have a greater choice in terms of points packages, Home Resorts, and contract expiration dates, allowing you to get more bang for your buck depending on your needs.

Retail Benefits

The advantages of purchasing direct are not so much retail benefits as resale restrictions. Recently, Disney changed its policy on the sale of DVC contracts on the resale market so that resale points owners do not have the same privileges as owners who purchased points directly from Disney.

Resale buyers can no longer use their points to make reservations in the Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection (non-DVC Disney resorts at Disneyland and Walt Disney World as well as the Disney Cruise Line), or the Adventurer Collection.

The other resale benefit that no longer transfers is DVC’s Membership Extras benefits package, which gives owners discounts on restaurants, shopping, excursions and tours, discounted Disney parks passes, and access to member only events. This was enacted on April 4th, 2016, and all owners who purchased a DVC resale before this date still have access to this benefit.

Resale buyers can still use their points to make reservations at any of the Disney Vacation Club resorts, for RCI exchanges, Club Cordial, and Club Intrawest.

For most buyers, the cost savings of purchasing resale outweigh loss of the ability to use points to book at non-DVC resorts. Most DVC owners purchase into the program to stay at DVC resorts anyways, and many owners agree that the extra travel options available to retail DVC owners provide little added value given the high number of points required to redeem these perks. The most value comes from using DVC points to book time at DVC resorts—a perk available to all DVC members.

Please note, owners who purchased on the resale market on or before Disney changed its regulations regarding DVC contracts sold on the secondary market (on or before March 20, 2011) retain full privileges and can use their points just like an owner who purchased directly from Disney.

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